Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern mutual contractual relations between Mountain Pension Malina, Hořejší Vrchlabí 524, 543 01 District Trutnov, Czech Republic – the provider of accommodation services in facilities Ič.provozovny 1011670097 and clients. These conditions apply only to services provided at the property 'Chalet” Pension Malina ". Conditions are binding for all parties and the payment of advances by the customer become the nature of the contract in accordance with the applicable provisions of the general regulations of the Czech Republic.

client It is a natural or legal person inquiring accommodation services in recreational facilities Mountain Pension Malina. operator the owner of the establishment ……………………

2. The origin of the contractual relationship

Contractual relationship between the client and Ič.provozovny 1011670097 (Hereafter operator) a day of confirmation of the client. On the basis of a written order (by mail, fax, order on line or e-mail) to send the client operator forma invoice while the required reserves available date.

Payment of advances customer confirms that he is familiar with all the services and conditions associated with staying in a holiday Mountain Pension Malina. Payment of the advance, the customer gives consent to the above. An obligation of all persons mentioned in the application corresponds to the client (person) who gave the order.

3. Payment Service

Prices for services are set out in the tender materials and electronically on the website of the operator. These are the prices negotiated agreement between the provider and the client according to the Act no. 526/1992 Coll. Reimbursement rates stay has the following forms: deposit of 50% of the total price of weekly stay 100% from a weekend stay the due date. Proof of payment must be kept for boarding accommodation. In case the client fails to pay an advance invoice to stay at 50% of the estimated price by the due date of the invoice, the operator may cancel the booking date client !!!

5. Rights and obligations of the client

Customer He has the right be duly informed of any conditions relating to his whereabouts, use all ordered and paid services, withdraw from the contract if the quality and scope of services does not match the written agreement on the application, cancel the stay at any time prior to the start (in this case, a relationship governed by the following cancellation conditions ). The duties of the client They include timely pay the agreed deposit preserve confirmed order or proof of payment of the deposit and to request those documents to submit to the operator to observe the internal regulations of equipment and pay for any damage caused in the complex.

6. The rights and obligations of service providers

Operator obliges to ensure all client's rights referred to in section 5.
rightly operator in cases that can affect a) změnit termín pobytu, b) změnit ceny, c) změnit rozsah služeb, d) zrušit smlouvu. Pokud zákazník se změnami a) až d) nesouhlasí, má právo do 48 hodin od vyrozumění o změnách písemně od smlouvy odstoupit. V tomto případě vrátí provozovatel 100% zaplacené ceny zákazníkovi. Rozhodující je datum doručení odstoupení od smlouvy. V opačném případě se má za to, že se změnou souhlasí. V případě, že dojde k situaci, kdy provozovatel bude vracet zákazníkovi finanční částku, je povinen tak učinit v nejkratším možném termínu, no later than 30 days from the date decisive for the restoration.

7th Cancellation conditions

a) Payment is mandatorily reserved by the accommodation after receiving advance payment from the client, if the landlord required.
b) The deposit is non-refundable.
c) Payment of advances given consent to the cancellation conditions.
d) The deposit is transferred to another period, in the event that the residence occupied by alternates.
e) Transfer deadline so. odbydlení not be in the winter terms. We offer another term.
f) The balance of stay is payable locally on arrival at the hotel ordered for the whole stay.
g) for weekly stays are paid full price regardless of the number of days actually spent in accommodation and regardless of the number of disconnections meals.
h) Receiving guests from 14:00, you must leave the room until 10:00.

The client has the right to withdraw from the contract (confirmed order of stay) and only writing. The operator must in time 21 days after receipt of written cancellation of the contract - confirmed orders residence, charge and readings cancellation fees. The cancellation fees are means deposit.

8. Complaints stay (services)

In the event that the services listed in the application (duly paid) do not correspond fully or quality, has client is entitled to claim. The customer is obliged, in the event of defects in the device object, to file a complaint on the spot at the accommodation, so that could be a correction made on the spot. If you fail to correct, writes the customer together with the service provider - leading recreational facility, or his deputy – Protocol on the complaint, which must be signed by both parties. If a complaint after investigation, found to be justified, the customer is entitled to a reasonable discount. The outcome of the complaint procedure the operator is obliged to notify the Client within 30 days from the date of filing the complaint. If a discount is obligated to return the amount to the customer within 7 days of notification of the investigation of the complaint.

9. Insurance

Operator does not include the price of the insurance stays. Client is advised to arrange the selected insurer in the Czech Republic “Accident insurance for travel and stay at home and abroad, including costs related to the cancellation of the journey”.

10th Transitional and Final Provisions

These general conditions come into effect on 1 January 2011. The validity is limited to the announcement of the new General Conditions and the validity of these conditions can be individually adjusted in written form only.

According to the law on the registration of sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. He is also obliged to register a revenue received by the tax online; in case of technical failure, then within 48 hours.

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